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The mysterious Machu Picchu in Peru

One of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is very mysthical place. It has been discovered accidentally in 1911 by American archeologist Hiram Bingam during an expedition of the Yale University. Ever since the curiosity of scientists is growing. There are many interpretations for the ancient city already. None of them can give the answers needed for sure.

Machu Picchu ancient city, Peru
Machu Picchu ruines, Peru

This architectural masterpiece is located in the Andes, 2300 metres above the sea level and 112km from Cusco, in the foot of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. From the town inhabited centuries ago, have only left ruins.

Machu Picchu ancient city, Peru

Located in the middle of tropical mountain rainforest, this is probably the most interesting urban creation of the Incas with these heights, the giant walls, the tarrasses.  As it was never found by the Spanish  conquerors, the place is very important as a cultural place for scientists, because it hadn't been demolished. And yet the secrets it’s still hiding can not be revealed by scientists. 

Machu Picchu ruines, Peru

One of the theories suggests that the city is part of a bigger complex of protective walls and its purpose was to protect people from Indian attacks. The city is composed by four parts. One of them is the religious one. There are the Sacred square, temples. There is also the sun laboratory. The Incas used it to detrmine the seasons and hours, using the shadows that are made by the sun to the rocks. In one other part of the city are assumed to be set up the biggest residential buildings. In the third part is erected the watchtower along with other buildings.

Machu Picchu ruines, Peru

A tomb has been found, mainly with feminin remains. That's why scientists made assumptions that the Incas brought the woman in the city to get protected from the Spanish invadors, and that most of the inhabitants of the city were women.

Machu Picchu ruines, agricultural terrasses, Peru
Machu Picchu ruines, Peru

The city is so mystherious not only because of its purpose but because of the way it has been built. The area is very difficult to reach. The discoverer Bingam have many hypothesis. One of them is that Machu Picchu was the safest refuge of the Incas. So, after a siege in Cusco in 1536, when Manco and his people were defeated by the Spanish conquerors, they came here. 
Other hypothesis supports the claim that the city of Machu Picchu was significant religious centre.
However, this is very interesting place for both tourists and scientists.

10 Museum Tips for Paris

For all  who don't like to travel  unprepared - there are some useful tips when being in Paris.  When visiting museums and monuments everybody wants to see as many as possible. That can be difficult to happen - we all know they can be crowded, overwhelming and expensive. Here are 10 tips that can help you in making the planned a reality. These tips make your sightseeing smooth, effective, sometimes even cheaper:

Sacre Coeur, crowds, Paris, France

1. Visit some of the museums at night:

Louvre - wednesday and Friday works till 10pm.
Musee dÓrsay - Thursday till 9.45pm.
Quai de Branly - Thursday till 9.30pm. 
Palais de Tokio - till 11.30pm every day except for Mondays. 

Paris Opera House, France

2. Visit some of the pleces early in the day:

Louvre opens at 9.00am, so you can be one of the first to see mona Lisa for the day.

3. Free Admission:

Many museums in Paris are with no pass every first Sunday on the month.

Eiffel-Tower-Paris - France-tips-travel-on-a-budget
The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

A list with these museums with free admission every first Sunday of the month the whole year you ca see here: http://travellingabroad-ideas.blogspot.com/2011/12/paris-tips-list-of-paris-free-museums.html

4. Don't mistake the Metro tation for the Louvre:

The Metro Station for the Louvre is not Louvre - rivoli, but Palais Royal - Musee de Louvre off the 1 & 9 lines.

5. Fast tickets:

Inside the Carrousel of Louvre - the shopping corner, there is a Tabac. You can buy tickets. On Tuesdays it is closed.

View to Paris

6.Very good idea is to buy tickets in advance or a Museum Pass:

You can purchase tickets in advance on Internet  for most of the museums.

Museum Passes can be used in more than 50 museums in the city and the surroundings. They are available in most of the museums.

2 day pass - 30 Euros
4 day pass - 45 Euros
6 day pass - 60 Euros

You can see for more information on the official site:     www.Parismuseumpass.com

If you want to buy the tickets and have them delivered to your home or hotel / with an additional fee  of course/ see here:    http://www.gotoparis.net/musee.html
7. Many small museums are with free admission.

8.Use Guided Tours for Louvre, Versailles, Musee d'Orsay:

The best way to see the Louvre, Versailles and Musee dÓrsay and to receive good and efficient information is to hire Guide. This may be a private or groupe course.

9.The Best View to Paris at Notre Dame:

If you climb 250 steps you will get to the bell tower where Quasimodo rang the bells. Some say this is the place with the best view to Paris. Here can be seen mostly the older part of the city.

Notre Dame Gargoyle, Paris, France

 10. Fastest way to enter to the Eiffel Tower:

An easy way to entry the Eiffel Tower and avoid the lines is to visit the  Altitude 95 Restaurant on the first floor. You should definitely make reservation in advance.

Paris Tips - List of the Paris Free Museums on first Sunday of the month

Free on 1st Sunday of the month, all year round

In Paris:

In Ile-de-France:

Travel wisely -Skip the annoying and time-eating Museum Lines - Paris, London, Berlin

Most of the travellers have limited time to enjoy their holiday, three ot four days stay in Paris for example. So, all of them want to spend time wisely. Every tourist want to see as many as possible places, such as monuments, museums, to visit some bars or cafes, to grab s.th to eat in a hurry, and to sit in some nice restaurant the next time. Everybody knows the program is lond, the time short, so a tip for skipping all or at least some of the annoying museum lines will be very useful. 
Musee de Louvre, Paris, France
Musee de Louvre, Paris, France

Paris is a city with Museum card or pass for example. They usually provide you free or discounted entry in the top spots, and the best and most important - most of the times they permit you skip the lines. This is awesome. 
Here  i want to note that such pass can be also used in cities like London and Berlin too. 
British Museum, London
British Museum, London

Natural History Museum, London
Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany
In Paris, when visiting Louvre this pass can save you hours. The same applies to many more famous spots - The Eiffel Tower is such a place. I personally have visited it, no having such a card, waited with hours.  If back then I knew this tip, i would take advantage of it. That's what people have called "Money well spent".

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Paris on a budget, Discover Walks - new, perfect, pleasant and even free way to get to know one of the most beautiful cities in world - Paris, Places to visit

Recently two young man / Alexandre Gourevich - Paris native and Jim Jotgensen - Californian/ decided to start a wonderful activity. Guided tours - a way to show you the city in its real atmosphere, the way a native knows the city. They now have staff, called City Guides. They offer you an amazing experience - exciting, special tour round the city, memory you would bring home with you. City Guides make the walk informative, fun and also personal. They often use their own experience in the effort to show you the real life in Paris. So, this is my tip for you  travellers in order to make your stay in Paris even more unforgettable.
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
France, Paris, Le Consulat, a perfect place to have a coffee, if you only knew about the place....

The regular tours are for free. These people only accept tips from content customers as a way to earn the living. All of you can join. Tours start and end at majot city landmarks.
The tours are held in English

Librarie Shakespeare and Co, Paris, France

Kinds of Tours and hours:
Paris Landmarks / Right Bank Tour /   10am every day.
Notre Dame and the Heart  of Paris /  1pm every day.
Montmartre / Moulin Rouge to Sacre Coeur / 11am every day.
Left Bank / latin Quartier/ 2.30pm every day.
Trendy Marais / 2.30pm every day.

France, Paris, le Marais, night walk

Of coarse, there are paid courses too. You can get a private one - Family tour, Group and School Tours and others.
In my opinion this is a wonderful opportunity. This is why i decided to share it with you. That way you can make your trip to Paris even more full and exciting.

Relais Christine Paris, located in Latin Quartier, St-Germain-des-Pres, narrow street on the left Bank, Paris, France

Avenue of the cat that fishes

Art entrance to the Metro, Latin Quartier, Paris, France

Pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/wonderdog1/AvignonToParis

Les Trois Maillets, jazz club with many artist performances, first open as a Cabaret, Latin Quartier, Paris, France

View to the Eiffel Tower from the  restaurant in the Musee d'Órsay, Paris, France

Quartier Latin, Paris, France

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Collection of the Best Luxury Hotels in St.Barts - Eden Rock Hotel, Guanahani Hotel & Spa, Hotel Isle-de-France, Le Toiny Hotel, Hotel Carl Gustaf & Spa, Le Sereno

Here is a list of few really luxury hotels. If you have decided to visit St.Barts and haven't yet determined the place you will stay, you may find it useful. So, travellers, there it is....

Hotel Eden Rock
Hotel Eden Rock, St. Barts
Hotel Eden Rock, St. Barts
Hotel Eden Rock, St. Barts
Hotel Eden Rock, St. Barts

Guanahani Hotel & Spa

Guanahani Hotel & Spa, St. Barts
Hotel Guanahani Resort & Spa pool, St. Barts
 Guanahani Hotel & Spa, St. Barts
Guanahani Hotel & Spa Suite, St. Barts
Guanahani Hotel & Spa, pool, St. Barts
Guanahani Hotel & Spa, suite, St. Barts

Guanahani Hotel & Spa, suite, St. Barts


Hotel Isle-de-France, St. Barts
Hotel Isle-de-France, St. Barts

Hotel Isle-de-France, 3 bedroom villa, St.Barts
Hotel Isle-de-France, 3 bedroom villa, St.Barts

Hotel Isle-de-France, 3 bedroom villa, bathroom, St.Barts

Le Toiny Hotel

Le Toiny Hotel, St.Barts
Le Toiny Hotel, St.Barts

Le Toiny Hotel, St.Barts

Carl Gustaf Hotel &Spa

L'Hotel Carl Gustaf & Spa

L'Hotel Carl Gustaf & Spa, restauranr, St. Barts

It will be very good choice if you decide to stay in the Garl Gustal Hotel & Spa, but if you don't - you should at least go for a dinner.

Le Sereno

Le Sereno, St.Barts
This small hotel has spectacular view towards the beach of Sereno and the crystal blue waters. The hotel is just bing renovated by a Parisian Designer Christian Liaigre. All the 37 suites are confronted the beach.
Very pleasant bar at Le Sereno, St. Barts

I personally like this hotel very much, that's why i decided not to miss it. You will see for yourself Le Sereno is a small one, but really cozy, comfortable and soo sweet.