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Important tips about the transport in Rome - hop-on, hop-off tour buses, Italy Part 2

An open-air hop-on, hop-off tour bus, Rome, Italy

Something you have to be aware of when you go to Rome are the hop-on, hop-off tour buses. There are plenty of companies offering open-air tour buses. Reliable are the "110 open" and the "Archeobus". For example if you use "110 open" the ticket is valid 24 hours. It costs 24 euro, there are discounts for ROMA Pass holders and for children 6-12, 15 euro. The buses start the tour from Termini every 20 minutes, the whole tour takes two hours and works from 8.30am to 8.30pm.

More information about the hop-on, hop-off tour buses you can find here:

The Coliseum/Colosseo/, Rome, Italy
The Coliseum on the inside, Rome, Italy

View to the St.Peter's Cathedral from Gianicolo Hill, Rome, Italy

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