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The Coral Coast of Australia

Starfish along the Coral Coast
Starfish, The Coral Coast, Australia

If you are a fan of fun holidays, the Coral Coast of Australia is a great place. Not to mention this is a whole-year beach destination.  

Coral Coast
The sea, Coral Coast, Australia
 image source: worldfunvacation

Besides the wonderful sandy beaches, the crystal water and the great view there are plenty of activities you can perform if you're not a fan of a vacation spent all the time on the beach. So you can:

- go and see the formations carved in the Kalbarri National Park by Murchison River;

- observe the sea lions in Jurien Bay;

- see the Pinnacles which are the major tourist attraction in the Coral Coast of Cervantes and Jurien Bay;

- visit Namburg National Park;

- visit the Shark Bay World Heritage Area where you can feed dolphins at Monkey Mia;

- Kayaking over Ningaloo Reef;

- Swimming with a Whale Shark at Ningaloo Reef /Ningalooo Marine Park/;

- Snorkelling at Ningaloo Reef;

- visit the Cape Range National Park


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