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Clos Luce- Home of the Genius Leonardo da Vinci

The Residence Clos Luce, Loire Valley, France

The Residence Clos Luce is one of the most furnished in the Loire Valley. It carries the spirit of the Renaissance. From 1516 to 1519 Leonardo da Vinci lived here. This is the place where he completed his famous paintings Mona Lisa, St. Anne and St.John the Baptist. It was Francis I who ensconced Leonardo da Vinci in this mansion. 

Clos Luce Residence, Loire Valley, France
The Clos Luce residence is connected through an underground tunnel with the Chateau of Amboise, where Francis I lived. This is the last place da Vinci inhabited till his death in 1519. In the Residence you can see some of the da Vinci's inventions who are recreated according to his drafts and manifested in the garden and basement.

The Garden of Clos Luce, Loire Valley, France

What you have to see:
-the watchtower
-the insides of the mansion 
-the amazing landscapes which are not  hard to be noticed

Gardens of Clos Luce, Loire Valley, France

Residence Clos Luce, Loire Valley, France
Leonardo da Vinci-Clos-Luce-Loire-Valley-France
Leonardo da Vinci

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