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Monaco- a place that radiates style, elegance and luxury


If you like to travel and visit new cities...Monaco is a wonderful place and in my opinion if you have the chance to go there- don’t hesitate. This is one of the most interesting and beautiful spots in Europe. Monaco is so stylish…..so elegant. In every place you visit, you will notice the finesse, even in the smallest detail. There are no usual houses. Most of the people live in luxury apartments. These buildings provide amazing views. Infrastructure of Monaco is flawless, elegant, shining. The most luxury district is Monte Carlo. There’s in no doubt that once you visit Monaco you will be fascinated. Restaurants and hotels are very luxury, even the smallest caffes are very slylish and incredibly charming. Monaco is well known as a playground for the rich and famous. Here you can easily notice that the traffic is comprised by Ferraris and Bentleys- as a part of the Monaco’s splendour.

Monaco- the perfect place for a seaside walk

Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world. It’s known as a heaven for wealthy and a playground for tourists. Monaco is made up of several areas: Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, Fontvieille and Larvotto Beach.
Here, in Monaco you never have to worry about being attacked or robbed. This is the place with the highest level of security in world. Monaco is a major banking centre which closely guards the privacy of its clients.
Best months to visit are June, July, August and September. This is in case you visit this wonderful place for tourism.
Monaco can brag about the most prestigious motor race in the world-Formula 1. It takes place in Monte Carlo in the late May or early June.
Monaco and Monte Carlo offer many exciting things to do and a wide range of entertainment. Monaco never leave you short of activities.
Monaco is the place with so many antique shops…not to mention Monaco and Monte Carlo offer an exclusive shopping. Here you can shop all the best designers in world and the best brands you can imagine.

Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco

Places to visit:

1. Larvotto- this is tiny picturesque beach. As this is the lowest place in Monaco it offers a view over the luxury buildings and the Alps. No need to say that the beach is very beautiful itself.
2. The aristocratic Palace where the Grimaldies live. It dates from the 12 century. Situated on a rock on the coast. Royal Palace of Monaco is very beautiful, it’s one of the best attractions here. The Palais Princier (Prince’s Palace) also offers a crazy breathtaking view. You can watch the changing of the guard ceremony which is performed by the “Carabinery”. So royal….don’t miss it.
3. Casino Monte Carlo. It ranges among the best in world. Even its building is a masterpiece. It’s a result of the work of the famous French architect Charles Garnier. Typically for the Principality it radiates luxury and aristocratism. Situated in the elite district Monte Carlo, the casino is one of the most prestigious in world. In front of the casino you can see a wonderful garden, which is naturally fitting the integral style and atmosphere of the Principality.
4. Oceanographic museum of Monaco- do not miss that. It’s a world famous museum for a reason.
5. The Exotic Gardens- a wonderful place to relax, surrounded by a wonderful nature. You can also take a look at the grotto. This is a cave, that is scheduled guided tours.
6. In case you’re fascinated by the luxury yachts and cruise ships, you can go to La Condamine. This is one of the districts in Monaco- the business one.
7. The underwater world of the Mediterranean is very good presented in the Larvotto- the underwater national park. If you like that kind of adventures, then you should be impressed.
8. The Monaco Cathedral- like everything else in the Principality it’s really impressive. It’s the biggest Christian church in Monaco.
9. Do not miss Grimaldi Forum, Monaco Opera House and also Marborough Fine arts Gallery. There you can see works of post-World War II artists, also Pablo Picasso, Jules Brassai, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Louise Bourgeois


gardens in front of Casino Monte Carlo
Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco
Formula 1, Grand Prix, Monaco
Gardens of the Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco
Opera Garnier, Monaco
Monaco, the harbour

As a part of the French Riviera Monaco is incredibly amazing. And the seaside walk- truly fascinating…So....if you have time to tvavel- you definitely have to visit this lovely place...

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