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Tropical Paradise in Barbados

The White Caribbean beaches, Barbados

Barbados is an exotic Caribbean country, no wonder why millions of people dream about it while browsing glossy pages with tempting offers of magazines and tourist brochures. With 365 days of sunshine and high temperatures, fine white sands and enchanting tropical sunsets, Barbados is an excellent choice for a seaside holiday especially in winter. It’s one of the most significant Caribbean tourist destinations and also one of the most developed islands in the region.
Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles . It is situated in the western area of the North Atlantic, east of the Carribean sea. It is about 168km east of the islamds of Saint Vincent and and the Grenadines. Barbados is among the smallest countries in the world.
Though extremely small for a Caribbean island, Barbados has much to offer its visitors in terms of history, water sports and beach activities. Lazed back lifestyle, stunning natural beauty, spectacular beaches, buzzing nightlife, friendly people, relaxing atmosphere and a very warm welcome.
Much of Barbados is regarded as   a tropical climate. Temperatures are high through the whole year. The daily temperatures range between 28 and 31 °C, and in the night they are  between 20 and 23 °C. The local climate is humid.
With warm Caribbean sunshine, mile-long exquisite beaches, sparkling aquamarine seas, pastoral landscapes, exotic hidden beauties, vibrant nightlife, charming villages, posh luxury resorts, and much more Barbados is a truly tropical paradise, ideal for travelers in search of fun, tranquility and relaxation. Holidays in Barbados are something different and more than adventurous. Many travelers to Barbados are really amazed by the number of attractions on this small island. They come to explore the hiking paths to historic plantation lands and rum distilleries, take part in party cruises, walk along long stretches of windswept beaches and experience the vibrant energy of Barbados.
Barbados is the most densely populated country in the New World. The majority of the population is black. The rest consist of Asians and Europeans. European settlers in Barbados mainly originate from the British Isles. This is no accident. By 1966 the island was a colony of Britain.Today,Barbados is an independent state in the composition of the British Community and head of state continues to be the Queen. The official language is English.
Barbados is a developed country. The official currency of Barbados is Barbados dollar.The local tourism  is the largest source of income for the economy. 

Tourism in Barbados

Sunset at Barbados
Soon after you arrive you will feel the sweetness of tropical air. You will everywhere feel the fragrance of unknown flowers, trees and shrubs. The tropical flavour is most noticeable after a strong downpour, which is typical for the island. The surrounding fresh greenery makes the place very relaxing.
The beauty of this enticing island and the friendly people, known for their natural warmth and dignity, will surely make your Caribbean holiday a truly enjoyable and unique experience to be repeated over and over again. Barbados guarantees the ultimate in terms of variety and luxury.

The main attraction of Barbados are the magnificent beaches. The sand is white and light pink. Water in the sea is blue as the sky and transparent, and if you’re keen on diving, this is the place created espacially for you. Only a few metres of the shore under the crystal clear waters it reveals a whole new world- the one of coral reefs. Variety of colurful fish float undisterbed without paying attention to one’s interest. They do not find people dangerous unless you approach them too closely. In that case fish disappers for a second in the water space. In order to see the coral reefs you don’t even need to dive deeper. It’s enough to take with you flippers, mask and snorkel so as to be fully equiped.

Offering some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean, Barbados has everything from fresh local seafood and distinctive Caribbean dishes to exotic buffets and International cuisine such as French, Italian and Japanese. Dining locations in Barbados are as varied as the flavors of the food and include cliffs overlooking the water, lush garden surrounded by Bajan flora and fauna, in an old plantation estate house and by candlelight on one of the island’s pristine beaches.
The national dish of Barbados is flying fish and cou cou. Flying fish is usually served lightly breaded and fried with a yellow sauce which consists of a very hot scotch bonnet pepper and cou cou is made from corn meal and okra and is usually served with fish or stews. You definitely have to experience it. Possibly two of the best destinations in Barbados to sample some local flavors are in Oistins and at the Plantation Restaurant. Oistins is a small fishing village on the south coast of Barbados. Every Friday locals and visitors make their way to this friendly village that features some of the island’s best barbecued chicken, flying fish, sweet potato, fish cakes and a variety of other island delights. The Plantation Restaurant serves up a delicious Bajan buffet to accompany the Bajan Roots & Rhythms which is a lively stage show. This dinner and stage show is the only one in Barbados and offers guests a genuine representation of West Indian culture as well as some of the best Bajan food on the island.

Bottom Bay, Barbados

Barbados and its spectacular beaches, Crane Beach
Great view to the beach, Barbados

The best time for the beach: You have to know that the temperatute of the water is not less than 25 °C even in January and February. The pecularity here is that sun sets around 6 and a half in July. In November gets dark early- in 5 and a half. Here the sun sets much earlier than in Erope and it’s essential to note that it also happens very fasf. Barbados experiences a tropical pleasant weather and is determined by cool winds and comfortable nights. Rainfall here is very refreshing and sometimes it is even desired. June to October is the hurricane season. The dry season runs between January and June.

Barbados Luxury Resort


The plants. Along with the coconut palms who grow up on the sand, here you come  acroos to a certain types of deciduous trees. Their crowns cast a colurful shadows just a few steps from the water and thus save you the trouble of taking care of a beach umbrella. As we speak of plants we must notice that there are some dangerous species. The Manchineel tree is poisonous, for axemple. It grows throughout the Caribbean region. There are warning signs.

Mangrove forest. Along with the dangers the island of Barbados provides exceptional natural beauty. Close to the capital Bridgetown is located the park Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. Don’t miss it. This place really worth visiting.

 Barbados Natute Reserve is located on the north side of the island. Across the tropical rain forest goes trail that have been built in order to facilitate tourists. The most interesting animals here are the green monkeys. They jump from branch to branch. But on many signs you will read that you should not touch or feed the animals become they are wild and can become aggressive.

Turners Hall Woods is located south of Barbados Nature Reserve. This is completely natural and preserved forest that flourishes under the abundant sunshine and tropical rains. It amazes with variety of tree species. On some higher places of the paths of this wonderful reserve reveals a memorable view to the sea and the island, which seems to be covered with emerald green light.


 The sophisticated West Coast offers superb hotels, excellent restaurants and spectacular beaches, one of the reasons people come to this majestic island. The west coast boasts ideal sailing conditions almost all year round, as well as a host of other water based activities, including scuba diving in the island's turquoise waters teeming with coral gardens and marine life with underwater visibility of 70 to 80 feet, perfect snorkeling at Folkstone Marine Park, and game fishing, one of the great ways to experience the island's ideal conditions and natural beauty. The East Coast which falls on the Atlantic side is also popular with beach attractions to suit you different needs. The beautiful coastline here is pounded by the surf making this part of the island suitable for surfing. The South Coast is the liveliest coast blessed with a wide range of attractions and recreation, including the capital Bridgetown, excellent waves for wind and kite surfing, buzzing nightlife and fantastic bars. Carlisle Bay, Sandy Beach, Dover Beach and Casuriana Beach in the south coast is where you can soak up in the sun listening to the lullabies of the ocean.


The capital Bridgetown possesses a slight English twang with its british architecture, churches and traditions. Very often are mentioned some local habits such as playing cricket which cames from UK and is very popular here. However, on the streets you will immediately notice a huge difference between London and Bridgetown. Crowds of London always hurry, while in Bridgetown everybody go slowly and people often knock about shops, bars and cafes. In general, the atmosphere here is vacation, informal and spontaneous. This is a town of historic importance boasting several museums and art galleries with plenty to see. A 'must see' attraction in Bridgetown is the Sunbury Plantation House, a 300 year old landmark with a plethora of furniture exhibits, add to this an amazing collection of horse-drawn carriages. You must also see the famous Nidhe Israel synagogue, the oldest temple of the Jewish faith in the American continent. A most unusual Bridgetown attraction is the stunning Tyrol Cottage Heritage village where the arts and crafts will tell you the story of the island's conquerors and liberators. While in Bridgetown do not miss out the Atlantis Submarine, a unique experience to view the amazing underwater life in Barbados without getting wet.


Green Monkey Course, Barbados
Luxury private villa, Barbados

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