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Best Barbados Beaches

Barbados is absolutely the right place for all lovers of beaches. The season here starts at January and continues to June. Temperatures range from 24 to 29C thoughout the year. Off the season it can rain, but its not serious - pours are slight and short. The Island of Barbados has a lot to offer. I can say for sure there is a perfect place for every taste. Landscapes vary a lot. The reason for that is Barbados is located between the Caribbean sea on the west and the Atlantic on the east.

Barbados beauty
Parlour Beach, Bathsheba, Barbados

Barbados Beaches on the North Coast. The presence of cliffs ranging from 50 to 100metres rising and falling along the coast, separated by many little beaches and bays make the area very interesting.  Here the Atlantic swells in the many little bays make up for the reduced presence of sands. The landscapes with rocky with spectacular cliffs are amazing. This area provides wonderful spots for picnics, magnificent views, most of them approachable by tracks. Some of the best beaches on this coast are:

Little Bay - This place is included in the island tours. The views hills provide you along with the breezes make yout visit here a wonderful experience. But if you go there you have to be prepared because the place can be a little tricky. It's definitely worth visiting.

River Bay - as you can guess from its name there is a river running to the sea. This is a wonderful spot if you like to escape for a while from the crowded life.

View on the East Coast of the Island of Barbados

Barbados Beaches on the East Coast are wide, the Atlantic waves crash on the shore. There are very beautiful rock formations and natural formated pools. Great place for a beach getaway from the city life. Beaches on the East Coast are perfect for surfers. They are worldwide known for the opportunities the offer them - the biggest waves. This is the place for ultimate surfing without any doubts. 
Among the best beaches on the East Coast are:

Bath Beach - Although the beach is situated on the East Coast the beach is ideal for swimming, waves are small to medium. The reason for that are the many reefs which protect the beach. There is also a lifeguard. If you taka a walk north along the wonderful beaches you will reach a small waterfall and the remains of a railway line, that connected Bridgetown and Bathsheba in the past.

Crane Beach - In the past this beach served as a harbour. This is also one the most beautiful beaches on Barbados. Here is situated the oldest and may be the best resort on the island - The Crane Beach Hotel. The place is perfect for beginner surfers and body surfing. In the same time there are sheltered coves which are ideal for swimming.

Bottom Bay - The best is located near the famous Sam Lord's Castle. The golden sands, the cave, coconut palms, the crystal turquoise waters. The beauty of this place in breathtaking. The place is perfect for picnics, not so much for swimming. There are undertows, so be careful if you decide to swim anyway.

Cattlewash Beach - Here the coast-line is the longest of all on the island. This is a great place for sunbathing and relaxing, rather than swimming as there the waves are strong are the undertows too. The landscapes are very beautiful on this beach as there are many picturesque cliffs.

Bathsheba - This is probably the most popular and charming place in Barbados - with its amazing landscapes it can fascinate everybody. But that is far not all we can say. The small fishing village fills with crowds of people when the time for surf contests arrive. This beach is surfing spot on the island of Barbados. But....if you're not a surfer there are many pools and reefs which are ideal for snorkelling and sunbathing.

Barclays Park

Beauty of Barbados

Barbados Beaches on the South Coast. Here are great white sandy beaches with small waves suitable for swimming and because of the riffs for snorkelling too. Very good place for diving and kite surfing. On the South Coast can be found hotels and restaurants of all price ranges. Beaches that should be visited on the coast:

Dover Beach - this is also one of the most popular beaches. There are amenities for many sport activities. It is perfect place for snorkelling ,swimming, body surfing and others. This lovely beach is also very appropriate for children.

Accra Beach - one of the widest beaches. The waves here are meduim, sea is calm, no undertow. That makes the place perfect for swimming, body surfing. There are lots of people selling beachwear, gifts and local crafts.

Silver Sands Beach - this is a very windy beach. That's why it is ideal for kite surfing windsurfing and every year here is held the Waterman Festival in the month of February. This is a contest for surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing.

Long Beach - this is isolated beach with an amazing views to the crystal waters and cliffs.

The perfect crystal waters of Barbados

Barbados Beaches on the West Coast. This is the Coast where you can come across to many celebrities. There is no wonder why. There are the most tranquile beaches with turquoise, clear and calm waters, great white sands. You can stroll with miles on the perfet white sandy beaches, observing the many clumps of coral rocks. The ultimate perfect place for swimming, snorkelling and many kinds of watersports. Scuba diving is practiced mostly here. Most noticeable beaches on the West Coast are:

Folkestone Beach - Perfect for diving, snorkelling and other water activities. Here you can visit a Marine Museum. Folkestone Marine Park is situated here. Ideal for families with kids.

Mullins Bay - Ideal place for relaxing. There is a lovely bar, so you can enjoy the surrounding landscapes with a refreshing cocktail. Or if you like you can skip to some simple water activity like snorkelling for example. There are also many VIP villas on the beach. The crystal and calm waters make it ideal for snorkelling and just soaking in the perfect blue Caribbean Sea.

Sandy Lane Beach - with calm waters, small waves, no undertows, the white sandy beach is wonderful. Here is situated the Luxury Sandy Lane Hotel . It is one of the best in Barbados. That's why many celebrities can be spotted here.

It is very comfortable to hire a car and you wil be able to visit a diffrent beach every day of your holiday. That way you will see more of Barbados during your holiday.

In case you need more information and facts about Barbados  check here.

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