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Jade Mountain Resort, St.Lucia in the Caribbean Sea

Jade Mountain Resort, St.Lucia

Jade Mountain has prove itself to be the Most Romantic Resort in St.Lucua in the Caribbean. Here you have the possibility to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains straight from your Infinity pool. The Resort sits above the Caribbean Sea, so all the amazing landscapes can fascinate you the whole time. Here you can explore the area, while in the same time experiencing privacy and the endless infinity pools of every wide open room.

View from the Jade Mountain Resort Room, St.Lucia
View from the Jade Mountain Resort Room, St.Lucia

As we already said the rooms are very spacious, each providing an amazing view of the ocean and the mountains. The baths have the same incredible views. All this beauty without skipping the luxury. Each room is a differenet experience.
You can have your spa treatment in your room, choosing from an extensive collection of spa treatments. Yoga and fitness are also available, as well as biking trails, joging trails, escorted hikes, tennis, scuba diving, snorkelling, all in addition to the wonderful beaches.
Dining and everything is  also very elegant and a great experience. You can see the photos of the terrace, where you can be having lunch or dinner.
The Infinity pool are available for almost all of the rooms. Each is also different by shape, colours and size. Only the Sky Suites don't have such a pool. That means no matter what is your choice, you will enjoy the great views /available in every room/ and infinity pools.  

The Jade Mountain Resort Terrace, St.Lucia
Deck view, Jade Mountain Resort, St.Lucia
source: http://buzzraid.com
Incredible view of Jade Mountain Pool, St.Lucia
The Breathtaking Infinity Pool at Jade Mountain, St.Lucia
source: http://homeblogdesign.com
View of the Saint Lucia's Pitons Mountains from Jade Mountain

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