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Zanzibar Tours

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Spice Plantations Tour

In The History of Zanzibar spices take very important place. They are no longer the main source of income for the economy, yet here are numerous spice plantations on the island. This is  wonderful opportunity to get closer to the natural wealth of the island. Guides will provide you with detailed and interesting information for a large variety of spices and their use. All this happens near the Zanzibar town. This is not only the place where everybody can buy spices cheap, but also familiarize with how valuable they are in medicine. Many kinds of spice oils can be found here too. 
All this can give you a very good idea why this area is called the "Spice Islands".

This tour is a half day, it includes guide, transfers and admision fees.

Variety of Species, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani is a forest which is endemic for the island. It is one of the last remained here. The Jozani Natural Forest Reserve is dwelt by the Red Colobus Monkey. This is a very rare species. This is a very interesting kind of monkey. It wanders freely. The monkey is also very photogenic. On the island also live Sykes' Monkey, Suni antelope, wild pig, Zanzibar leopard. Many kinds of birds and butterflies can be observed here.

The tour is half-day, and includes transfers, guide and admission fees.

Jozani Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Banana Tree, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Red Colobus Monkey, Zanzibar, Tanzania

City Tour/ Stone Town

 The town was recently included in the Unesco heritage. The way that city remains the same is stunning. It is like a walk through the time. The capital of Zanzibar is enfolded in history. The narrow streets, along with the small shops, history is scattered everywhere. Here you should definitely visit the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum - People's Palace, Dr.Livingstone's House and the Arab Fort. Other very interesting places to visit are the Old Slave Market, Anglican Cathedral. Worth visiting is also the site of Sultan Barghash's Harem at Marahubi. The tour of the city is so fascinating cause of the architecture. It is influenced by the Indian, African, European and Arabic cultures. Very impressive architectural trait is the carved wooden door.
A few giftshops with plenty of souvenirs and handicrafts can be found here.

Like the previous tours this is a half-day tour and includes transfers, guide and admission fees. 
Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Stone Town, dhow sailing, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Tanzania

North Coast

Another very interesting place to visit on the island. This tour ends with attendance of an old fishing village. This is the traditional place where dhow constructions have been made. The beaches here are wonderful, the same is with the coral reefs - great spot for snorkelling and diving. Here has been built a shelter for injured animals where they receive help and cares and are released back when cured.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Dolphin Tour

On this part of the island are situated several schools for bottle-nosed dolphins. They can be seen during a quick boat trip. You can also experience an ultimate swim close to them. You should not miss it. This tour also includes a visit to a mosque from 12century - Kizimkazi Mosque. It is a proof for the earliest presence of Islam in East Africa. 
Dolphin Tour-Zanzibar-Tanzania-Africa-holiday
Dolphin Tour, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Prison Island Tour

The island was a goal for misbehaving slaves. A jail was built in 1893 and still stands. Hence the name Prison Island. It is also known as Chumble Island. It is famous not only for the prison but also for the Giant Tortoises - they ar ethe main attraction here. They were brought here from the Seychelles in 19century. 

The island is just off the city of Stone Town. It is ideal for a day trip. There are also small restaurants where you can enjoy freshly caught fish. There are also a wonderful  whilte beach where you can sun-bathe and coral reef perfect for snorkelling.

Starfish, Prison Island, Zanzibar
Giant Tortoises, Prison Island, Zanzibar
Prison Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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