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Zanzibar - great beach holiday, accompanied by many landmarks, wonderful nature and great spots to visit

For all who want something adventurous, something different. If you're sick of the traditional destinations - you can find the bewitching island of Zanzibar. It is a semi - autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa. Zanzibar is very interesting place to visit. The capital - Stone Town is steeped in history. The beaches - definitely worth visiting, we can say the same for the nature - untouched by humans with possibility to walk through the habitat of very interesting species - red colobus monkey for example.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Beach of Zanzibar, Tanzania

East Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

In Stone Town you feel like the time stopped a few centuries ago. The doors, the markets are giving you this feeling. You can see people still use dhows like they did in the past. The contact with locals can be very interesting. A walk through Stone Town can give you a visual of the slave trading era. The city was the biggest trade center for slaves on the east coast of the continent. Nowadays on the place of the market is situated a church. Species trade was also very well developped - nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper. Most important were cloves - Zanzibar was the leading producer in world.

Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania
The winding alleys, the doors and buildings are part of the fascinating architecture of the city. It is a result of the influence of Indian, European, African and Arabic cultures. Here we can also mention the British cilture as this was the starting point for most of the expeditions in 19century. All that and the incredible beauty of Zanzibar beaches make it one of the most attractive destinations. 

Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Dhow, Zanzibar, Tanzania
That is only a small part of all that Zanzibar can propose for the tourists. As we already mentioned the nature is very interesting. This is the only place where Red Colobus Monkey live. Manny bird and butterfly species can be observed. Whales can be seen from the coast during the migration period. Two kinds of dolphins inhabit the area. You can even swim with the bottle-nosed dolphins if you got lucky. See here more for the dolphins tour. On the island you can also see turtles. They nest on the island and often creep on the beaches searching the appropriate place. The vegetable life is not less interesting – mangroves, coconut and banana trees. To fully understand it you can see the Jozani Forest Tour.

Red Colobus Monkey, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Once you get on the island you can't be out of activities - apart from the amazing beaches,  the possibilities  for scuba diving, snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing and many other watersports, you can get closer to the atmosphere of Zanzibar by visiting some of the restaurants which is also a great experience. There are plenty of such places to visit. You also should definitely visit  the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum - People's Palace, Dr.Livingstone's House and the Arab Fort. Don'f forget about the Old Slave Market and the Anglican Cathedral. All this can be seen in Stone Town. The rest of the island of Zanzibar has also many thing to offer. For example The Zanzibar Butterlfy Center. It is located near to Jozani National Park. In order to see most of Zanzibar you should take a tour. There are several of them : Spice Plantations Tour, Jozani Forest Tour, City Tour / Stone Town/, North Coast Tour, Dolphin Tour and Prison Island Tour. You can see what they offer here.

Prison Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Mangapwani Beach, north of Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

I can say that visiting Zanzibar you will meet the magnificence of nature, wonderful winding alleys, gorgeous architecture, juicy tropical fruits, aromatic spices and very charming and hospitable locals. The beaches - the have these brilliant white sands, surrounded by the turquoise waters of Indian Ocean. Here you can spend some time enjoying a wonderful holiday - sunbathing, assisted by the quietness of the island.

Locals on a beach of Zanzibar, Tanzania
Beach Scene, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Dhows, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Dive Boat, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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