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The Armani's new masterpiece - The Armani Hotel in Milan

Are you going to visit Milan? If you are we have a great proposition for you. Don't hesitate to stay at the comfortable new creation of Armani - The Armani Hotel at Milan. Located downtown, this is the original building of the already existing 1930s Palazzo designed by Enrico A. Griffini, situated in the Via Mazzoni.  As you may guess, the famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani saw the great opportunity to turn it into a hotel, representing  elegance and precisely defined ambience of luxury, calm and beauty.

Armani Hotel, Milan

source: http://www.luxuryhunter.co.uk

Located near Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, the Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Armani Hotel represents the six floors construction, additioned with a 2-storey glassed top construction. On the eight floor can be found the luxury spa, covering 1,000 square metres, which overlooks the city. Personal consultations, therapies designed to nourish mind and body, steam and sauna experiences are providing you an ultimate relaxation. In addition to that the fitness, equipped with ultra- modern machines, with a view over the skyline of the city, only doubles ot triples the pleasure you're experiencing.

Armani Hotel, Milan
Armani Hotel, Milan

With every detail in this hotel, chosen by Giorgio Armani, his goal is to provide an ultimate sculptural, aestethic and sensual quality for his guests. The hotel rooms are elegant and sophisticated and they are made in such way to be provide the highest comfort to all guests. Staying at the Armani Hotel, you can choose among: Armani Presidential Suite, Armani Signature Suite, Armani Ambassador Suite, Armani Executive Suite, Armani Classic Suite, Armani Premiere Room, Armani Deluxe Room.

Armani Hotel, Milan
Armani Hotel, suite, Milan

source: http://www.gethotelsinfo.com

The Dining venues of the Armani Hotel, equiped with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, provide you  wonderful panoramic view to the city's atmosphere. Here you have a choice between Armani restaurant and Armani Lounge. In the restaurant you can expect the traditional gastronomic wonders, classic and authentic culanary delights, wonderful service, elegance, wide range of wines, there is also a privat edining room. If you prefer an informal lunch for a business meeting or just meet friend sin an relaxing atmosphere and good music you can visit the Armani Lounge.

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