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Niagara Falls review

Niagara Falls

Horseshoe Falls and the adjacent American Falls along with the comparatively small Bridal Veil Falls form Niagara Falls. They also represent the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York. Niagara Falls is undoubtedly the most famous and takes the breath away to anyone who stay before it although it’s not the highest, nor has the largest flow.
Niagara Falls was formed about 10,000 years ago, when the last ice age ended and ice retreated, leaving behind the largest system of freshwater lakes on the planet. Practical between Erie and Ontario runs the Niagara River, but since the difference in height between the two lakes is approximately 100 meters, the forming of a waterfall is not at all surprising.

Niagara Falls illuminated with floodlights at night
Niagara Falls
Horseshoe Falls
Niagara Falls

Today Niagara is one of the most important tourist destinations on the continent. 
On both sides of the waterfall, there are cities with the same name - Niagara Falls. One of them is in the U.S. and the other is in Canada. The American city is bigger. Near the waterfall is situated the Canadian metropolis Toronto.
The best period to visit is from May to September during the warm season. After that the weather is harsh and there are also heavy snowfalls in the winter. Most tourists have that in mind, as the peak of visitors is during the summertime. In this period Niagara Falls are simultaneously daytime and evening attractions. There are cruise boats on both sides of the river that operate. In the Canadian side are situated floodlights which illuminate both sides until midnight.

Niagara falls picture (1)
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls can be seen from the walkway along Prospect Point Park, or by helicopter and also Prospect Point Park observation tower.
Other activity – the oldest and most popular is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise.
To get closer to the falls you have to go to the Cave of the Winds on the American side. From there you can get to the famous “Hurricane Deck” through wooden walkways. Rainbows can be seen day and night.
On the Canadian side is built the observation deck of Skylon Tower which offers spectacular views of the falls as well as the surrounding town and area.

Maid of the Mist experience

Cave of the Winds tour, Niagara Falls

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